Returns & Canceling Orders

Due to the nature of personalized products, returns are not accepted

In spite of our best efforts, mistakes can sometimes happen. Rest assured that we will work with you to correct the error quickly. If we make a mistake, we will happily send replacement wrappers at no cost to you. We understand our customers may mistype when purchasing online, so we offer a discount on correction wrappers.  Errors made by the customer will be reprinted (same identical item) at a reduced cost and shipping rates will still apply. An error by the customer includes, but not limited to, any of these situations:

•text originally submitted with an error
•submitted incorrect spelling of a name (i.e. Amy should have been Amie)
•an error overlooked on proof
•failing to email all necessary information
Shipping & Returns
Canceling Orders

If you wish to cancel your order and a proof has NOT been sent to you for review, then you may do so without incurring any fees.

If you wish to cancel your order and a proof HAS been sent to you for review, there is a $10.00 cancellation fee.